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Emg 1 Volume Wiring Diagrams The InVEST Fisheries Production model produces estimates of harvest volume and economic value of single-species fisheries. The model is an age- or stage-structured population model, and is presented as a generic model that can be adapted to most species and geographies. Inputs to the model include parameters for life history characteristics (e.g., age at maturity, recruitment, migration and natural mortality rates), behavior of the fishery (e.g., fishing pressure), habitat dependencies (e.g., importance and availability of nursery habitat), and, optionally, economic valuation (e.g., price per unit biomass). The model outputs the volume and economic value of harvest within the area(s) designated by the user. It is best to compare outputs from multiple runs of the model, where each run represents different scenarios of habitat extent, environmental conditions and/or fishing pressure. A library of four sample models is provided, which the user can adapt to their own species or region, or the user can choose to build a model from scratch.